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How can I teach my child to tell the time?

time teacher clock

When I was teaching my son to tell the time I was drawing pictures because there wasn't anything available that really made the connection between digital and analogue time. This made me think that there must be other parents out there who were needing help to teach their child to learn to tell the time.

This was the birth of our first time teacher clock.



Over the last decade there has been a big uptake in digital technology and one of the 'victims' has been the analogue watch with most kids today pulling out a cell phone to tell the time. Digital time is displayed all around us - microwaves, computers, cell phones - and the use of technology on the rise. This has been happening over the last couple of decades and we have a generation of teenagers, and even adults, who struggle to read analogue time so the easy option is checking a cell phone instead of the clock on the wall.















teaching a child to tell the timeIT'S TIME TO GET BACK TO BASICS with a time teacher clock that is easy to read and designed to help children be able to convert digital time to analogue. Kids learn in different ways so it's good to have a clock that is bright and colourful. It is easy to personalise a time teacher clock with their favourite colour or picture - a fairy princess or a mighty warrior. Kids love having their own name on the clock. It makes it fun for them to learn to tell the time.


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